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Not long ago (08/2003) I bought myself a motorcycle ... but it's not a normal one :)
KTM LC4 SuperMoto 640 BJ. 2001 (see picture on the right)
Images: Robert Ulm - Death of a tire
Next year I'm gonna go for the "Frühheizer" (like "Frühschwimmer")! [moto-crew]

This definitely is my favorite hobby, I'm really looking forward to some rides through the woods in summer.
My KTM-Bike got stolen in December 2001 so I bought another bike in Autumn 2002 (Scott Aurora).
I's by far not as good as the KTM but I'm happy with it.

This kind of work has been my hobby since I was 'bout 14 years old.
I grew up with this.
You might think now: 'He can't mean software-development!'
Well I learned much about algorithmic procedures and object-oriented behaviour.
My favorite architecture is Java on Linux-Machines.

spending thoughts 'bout the meaning of being ...
This is a big topic for me now, because it's tremendously interesting how thinking, understanding, ... functions.
I got aware of the importance of this area while I wrote a work at the university (Augmented Reality)
... no time to write more now

I knew it would happen, sooner or later.
I started to read some aristole and socrates; very interesting stuff; but there is more to experience ...
It has been a long time now since I read about philospohy. Life keeps me thinking anyway.